Hifn 5NP4G Network Processor

07 Sep

We are all quite choosey when it comes to buying a PC or a Laptop.. Did you ever think what powers your router or wireless access point? I remember being stunned to find out what powered my trusted CISCO 2500 series router 🙂 It was a Motorola 68030 CISC processor. Far behind the state of the art processors that were available at the time the 2500 was created. But, to be fair, routing devices don’t really need super computing performance when it comes to the central processor. Recently, we have been seeing some brave architectural innovations featuring ASICs and Network processors & co-processors.

Hifn have created a first of its kind Network Processor 5NP4G. The 5NP4G is a programmable network processor optimized for packet processing at speeds up to OC-48. The 5NP4G implements copper  interconnect technology and integrates a switching engine, search engine, frame processors, and multiplexed MACS. Designed to satisfy enterprise, core, edge networking, and Internet service requirements at wire speed, the 5NP4G network processor can deliver complex functions, such as (QoS), scheduling, flow control, and differentiated services.

5N4PG Block Diagram

The exceptional processing capability of the Hifn 5NP4G is enabled from its embedded processor complex, which is made up of 16 picoprocessors, multiple hardware accelerators, and a PowerPC™ microprocessor.  A pair of picoprocessors share hardware accelerators in a configuration that can process up to 32 frames in parallel and provide an aggregate 2,128 MIPS. The hardware accelerators perform tree searches, frame forwarding, frame filtering, frame alteration, and other functions. The “run to completion” programming model, with zero-overhead hardware based thread switching, provides a single threaded programmer’s view on top of a multi-threaded, multiprocessor platform.

The embedded PowerPC gives manufacturers the flexibility to support custom functions, such as enhanced frame processing, configuration, management, and higher-layer protocols. The integrated PCI interface enables connections to new peripheral devices to help meet customer needs.

The 5NP4G’s multiplexed MACS can simplify designs for diverse protocols and enable more compact and lower power products. The 5NP4G supports 40 10/100 Ethernet ports or 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports. Alternatively, it can support 1 OC-48, 4 OC-12 POS, 16 OC-3 POS, or link aggregated POS ports. In Ethernet applications, the 5NP4G supports IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation, IEEE 802.1q VLAN detection, and jumbo frames.


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