Zilog’s Crimzon Connects – Ultimate Home Automation

07 Oct

The ultimate in home automation has arrived. It comes with support for web based control of virtually all of your household appliances. I have always respected Zilog as the Z80 was the first microprocessor that I got to learn. Zilog has been quite actively working in the embedded domain for a long time. For example, the eZ80 was one of the first few microprocessors to offer a hardware TCP/IP stack.

Home automation systems need to be very user friendly, safe and energy efficient. Crimzon Connects from Zilog fulfills all these requirements. One has to see the Crimzon Connects Video to believe it. You can use an iPhone to control and command all the electronic appliances and lighting in your home connected via Crimzon Connects.

Yet another achievement by Zilog Corp. Hats Off to you !!


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