MidpSSH – Java Client for mobile devices

21 Dec

I have been using a Sony Ericsson S500i Cellphone since July 2007. The device is MIDP 2.0 compliant powered by an ARM 7 microprocessor. It offers pretty nice performance on applications like GMail and Opera Mini. I never wanted to use it for doing an SSH to official servers but the recent breakage of the SMW3 and SMW4 marine Internet cables forced me to look around for something that would allow me to do an SSH from my S500i as putty was simply unusable from my home PC.

I was happy to see four different solutions following my Google search. I would like to share the one which stood out with a very strong recommendation. The client is called MidpSSH and it is available in various versions that support telnet,ssh1 and ssh2. A full version that contains all the three versions is also available and it is only 119kBytes in size. This was the choice I made. I was able to establish an ssh2 connection with a remote server in no time. The MidpSSH client allows the screen to be rotated in order to provide a nice, easy to read display on my S500i. This could suite any Linux Admin on the move with any MIDP 2.0 compliant mobile device.

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