Intel Parallel Studio Beta Available Now

30 Jan

Until recently, parallelism was used for technical and high performance computing (HPC), but was not critical for most desktop/client applications. But today, as businesses and consumers invest in multicore hardware, demand is growing for software that takes advantage of these new processor core capabilities.
Parallelism is simply the ability to perform multiple functions simultaneously. Without hardware support for parallelism available in Intel® multicore processors—there was little or no benefit to writing parallel programs. Now, Intel brings 25 years of parallelism experience in high performance computing to more developers with products that complement and extend Microsoft Visual Studio* for parallelism.

Intel® Parallel Studio includes Parallel Composer, Parallel Inspector, and Parallel Amplifier, providing the most  comprehensive set of development tools for parallelism. Below is a brief description of each of these components.

Developers who will benefit most from Intel Parallel Studio software products are:

• C/C++ developers who are driven by schedules to include new features and functions in their software releases
• Developers who want to take advantage of multicore, but are concerned about supporting software on multiple  generations of microprocessors and multiple releases of Microsoft Windows.

• Intel® Parallel Composer speeds parallel software development with a C/C++ compiler and comprehensive threaded  libraries. Developers can choose from a broad array of parallel programming models and use the coding methods most  appropriate to a specific application.

• Intel® Parallel Inspector is a proactive memory and threading error checker. This flexible tool adds reliability to all  supported parallelism programming models. Unlike traditional debuggers, Parallel Inspector detects hard-to-find  threading errors in multi-threaded Microsoft Windows* C/C++ applications and does root-cause analysis for defects  such as data races and deadlocks.

• Intel® Parallel Amplifier assists in tuning parallel applications for optimal multi-core performance by finding
unexpected serialization that limits scaling. Parallel Amplifier makes it simple to quickly find multicore performance  bottlenecks.


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