CMOS Fuel Cells?

16 Oct

A German microchip vendor Micronas AG has come up with something revolutionary. It is a chip that contains 42 micro fuel cells integrated on it. It ws created in collaboration with University of Freibur, Germany.

The power generated is regulated at a nominal voltage of 3.3volts by a regulating circuit that is powered by 4 additional fuel cells on chip. With a lifetime of about one year at nominal load in the triple-digit microwatt range, the device could eventually power smart autonomous systems in applications where no conventional power source is available. In the lead research scientist of the university Mr. Hoffmann’s view, energy harvesting devices and the chip-level fuel cell are not mutually competitive, but can instead be regarded as complimentary technologies, For instance, the fuel cell could be used as a power buffer for periods when energy harvesting methods don’t generate enough power.

An article detailing the research and device can be found here.


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