Haskell gets backing from Intel..

07 Aug

We are witnessing a recent boom in parallel languages becoming main stream and more and more parallel programming libraries becoming commonplace in languages not considered as parallel programming languages. One such language which boasts fully functional programming is Haskell. It’s being considered as the next big thing for its ease of parallel constructs and genuine functional approach.

Intel has recently announced the first release of Concurrent Collections for Haskell. I believe it should be a real booster for the Haskell community.

For those of you who are new to Haskell, please take a look at the code below.

myStep items tag =
do word1 <- get items "left"
word2 <- get items "right"
put items "result" (word1 ++ word2 ++ show tag)

cncGraph =
do tags <- newTagCol
items <- newItemCol
prescribe tags (myStep items)
do put items "left" "Hello "
put items "right" "World "
putt tags 99
do get items "result"

main = putStrLn (runGraph cncGraph)

This short program is support to print out “Hello world 99”.

For more details please follow this link.


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