Digital Graffiti – Arduino based txtBOMBER

05 Jul

Time for a techie fun post today.

Wall chalking and graffiti is kind of shunned in most social circles, except for the ones which are artistic minded. Well, my aesthetic sense isn’t good enough and I end up confused when it comes to the choice of colors. I was however intrigued by a three year old invention by a German fellow who created this little gadget that looks like a paint roller but is in fact a digital plotter like device that can print a text message on the underlying wall by actuating different brushes that leaves a dot-matrix imprint of the digitally stored text in the Arduino memory.

I am not sure if the device has been manufactured commercially, as wall chalking aids are discouraged 🙂 But it is fun watching a hand-held plotter in action on a wall.

txtBomber In Action

Click here for more photos and details.



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