Welcome to my Grimoire !

My name is Abbas Ahmed. I have been into IT Management and Open Source Web Applications Design & Deployment for the last 5 years. I also have some 6 years of experience as a computer science instructor. I have delivered lectures and workshops on a variety of topics ranging from Basic Electronics to Advanced Computer Architecture, to name a few:Data Communications, Web Applications, Core & Advanced Java, Microprocessors, Embedded Systems Design, Systems Programming, Advanced Database Management Systems.

I have been associated with educational institutions like APIIT Malaysia and APTECH WorldWide. The last training related job I had was for RedHat Learning Services as a RedHat Linux Certification Instructor.

Towards the end of my junior school, I adopted Electronics as a hobby, and it became second nature for me. Then when I learned that computers were electronic gadgets, I turned to digital electronics. This was just the beginning…..

Through this weblog I’ll be sharing my experiences with the techies of the world. I’ll be seeking comments carrying snippets of your knowledge.

Thanks for your visit 🙂

– Abbas Ahmed

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