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3D Printers

11 Aug

3D printers have been there for a while, but are becoming commercially viable now. I have been through the specs for Z technologies’s model 650, which has a printing volume of 12,000 cubic inches. Pretty usable for prototyping a lot of stuff. You can find a lot of demos on youtube for this stuff. I specially liked a model aircraft that was “printed”.

I wonder how green the technology really is, as no one knows what constitutes the pixie dust and how environment friendly is it to manufacture.

However, they are fun to watch… and the results look awesome. Have a look !


Atmel’s advanced capacitive touchscreen technology – maxTouch

02 Aug

Imagine a touchscreen so friendly, it feels like the extension of your own hands… This is what’s promised by the revolutionary new touchscreen technology by Atmel. Now, you’ll be able to use multiple gestures and multiple touch points at the same time. And the maxTouch technology claims to be equally effective with dry and wet hands and weather. So, it ought to behave whether if you are in a dusty desert or in the snow of tundra… The demonstration video looks very impressive.

The new maxTouch technology makes use of a capacitive sensing methodology and booasts the following benefits over the ordinary touch screens..

  • Unlimited touch
    Unlimited touch provides you maximum flexibility in the human interface including the use of fingers, nails and stylus pen.
  • Precise
    Excellent multiple touch adjacency and intuitive rejection of unintended touches.
  • Fast response
    Atmel’s touch optimized AVR microcontroller combined with our patented touch technology minimize acquisition time and enhance the user experience.
  • Ideal for broad range of touchscreen applications
    Supports a broad range of touchscreen applications including mobile handsets, netbooks, printers, GPS, digital cameras, portable media players and point of sale terminals.
  • Environmentally robust
    Robust and resilient under harsh climate (hot/cold temperature), dusty and humid/wet environment.
  • Low power consumption
    Atmel’s power-saving technology allows for extended battery life.

We’ll soon be seeing the maxTouch technology being used in new products, it is poised to be demontrated in September 2009. Well, I am waiting for the curtains to be drawn.