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cNet Top 5 : Best features in Apple iOS 8

25 Jun

Donald Bell explains the best features in upcoming iOS8. The better keyboard is something that might make me think about considering an iPhone for my next phone upgrade ūüôā

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Have you lost your computer’s service tag?

01 Jul

I had to rebuild my laptop recently and realized that I needed to download the drivers from Dell’s website. I started looking for the service tag at the bottom of the laptop but that was no use.. The label had fallen off. One way of getting that could have been a reboot of the laptop followed by an inspection of the BIOS setup information but I wanted to have something that would act as equivalent to dmidecode in Linux. Dmidecode is a simple command that provides a human readable view of the DMI data.

So, for Linux the command would be like; Read the rest of this entry »


gOS – Lightweight Ubuntu for Netbooks

15 Sep


gOS Logo
gOS Logo

gOS¬†or “good OS” is an¬†operating system¬†created by ‘Good OS LLC’, a¬†Los Angeles-based corporation. The company initially advertised it as “An alternative OS with¬†Google Apps¬†and other¬†Web 2.0¬†apps for the modern user.” The first version gOS was based on¬†Ubuntu¬†7.10 and the¬†Enlightenment¬†window manager.

Based on the idea of¬†cloud computing, all versions of gOS lean heavily on on-line applications built on Web 2.0 and¬†AJAX¬†technology so they also do not use much hard disk space for applications. The whole gOS-1 system fits comfortably in less than 2 GB of disk space. Also many of the documents created with gOS, such as¬†Google Docs¬†documents, can be saved on Google servers instead of on the local hard disk, so gOS can work with very small hard disks. In gOS V2 Rocket, Good OS introduced the use of Google’s “Google Gears” technology which promises to make Google’s¬†web applications¬†usable without an internet connection.¬†Currently,¬†Google Reader¬†and¬†Google Docs¬†are the only supported Google applications. Read the rest of this entry »