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Microchip’s Free MPLAB® XC32++ Compiler

16 Nov

The Free version of the MPLAB XC32++ Compiler is available for download now at . 

It has no time or memory limits, and can be used in commercial applications.  With the Free MPLAB XC32++, Microchip is offering a completely free C/C++ compiler solution with unlimited code generation,” said Derek Carlson, Microchip’s vice president of Development Tools.  “Our optimizing C++ compiler includes the industry-recognized Dinkumware libraries.  This combination is ideal for a broad range of applications, from the industrial to the academic environments.”

The featured offered include:

  • Compliant with the majority of C++98 and C++2003 ANSI standards
  • Includes Dinkumware standard C, C++, and template libraries
  • Can be used with all C++ or mixed C/C++ projects in MPLAB® XC32
  • All Microchip C language extensions are available for use



IPv6 Certification for WebMasters – Is my server IPv6 compliant?

11 Jun

Okay, it’s easy enough to tell if your Internet connectivity is IPv6 compliant, just check out the previous post. A bigger question is if your computer/server/network is on the other end of the connection? Yes, if you are running a server that needs to be connected to by loads of clients who all will be using IPv6 soon if not doing so already…

I know that (Hurricane Electric) have been running an IPv6 project for a long time, recently they have launched a free IPv6 certification project that takes you through the compliance process as a webmaster/hosting provider.

The certification enables you to perform the following:

  • Prove that you have IPv6 connectivity
  • Prove that you have a working IPv6 web server
  • Prove that you have a working IPv6 email address
  • Prove that you have working forward IPv6 DNS
  • Prove that you have working reverse IPv6 DNS for your mail server
  • Prove that you have name servers with IPv6 addresses that can respond to queries via IPv6
  • Prove your knowledge of IPv6 technologies through quick and easy testing

Not just that, it will let you have a good grasp at the following:

  • the format of IPv6 addresses
  • AAAA records
  • reverse DNS for IPv6
  • the IPv6 localhost address
  • the IPv6 default route
  • the IPv6 documentation prefix
  • the IPv6 link local prefix
  • the IPv6 multicast prefix
  • how to do an IPv6 ping
  • how to do an IPv6 traceroute
  • common IPv6 prefix lengths such as /64, /48, /32

For more details regarding the IPv6 certification process, please follow this link:



IPv6 – How to tell if I am ready for it?

11 Jun

Yes, IPv6 is finally going to reach the user end. Our broadband providers will soon start furnishing IPv6 addresses to our routers and we’ll have the liberty of using IPv6 addresses on our private networks as well (although some of us could have been using it for many years).

So, how do I tell if my internet connection supports IPv6? Yahoo have kindly provided a very simple way to test exactly that.

Once you are on the page, just hit the Start IPv6 Test button and you’ll find out if your broadband is IPv6 compliant.

Happy IPv6 all.. !


Have you lost your computer’s service tag?

01 Jul

I had to rebuild my laptop recently and realized that I needed to download the drivers from Dell’s website. I started looking for the service tag at the bottom of the laptop but that was no use.. The label had fallen off. One way of getting that could have been a reboot of the laptop followed by an inspection of the BIOS setup information but I wanted to have something that would act as equivalent to dmidecode in Linux. Dmidecode is a simple command that provides a human readable view of the DMI data.

So, for Linux the command would be like; Read the rest of this entry »