Watch “Intel Galileo Show-and-Tell” on YouTube

08 Apr

The Intel Quark processor, derived from the Pentium consumes a lot lower power than the Atom. Featured on the Intel Galileo boards now. Please watch the Show-and-Tell video from the Make: magazine:


Couchbase – Newfound Love

07 Apr

So, #CBLiveLdn came and went, and what a fine event it was. I also had the privilege to attend the CS300 course before that and made some new friends.

Continuing from the stuff learned, I would like to share the following well written article about the most important part of planning a couchbase cluster, I.e. sizing the correct number of nodes as per your dataset.

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Watch “Getting Down and Dirty with ElasticSearch by Clin…” on YouTube

07 Apr

Getting Down and Dirty with ElasticSearch by Clin…:


TechWeekEurope UK: Windows 8.1 Update Adds Mouse And Keyboard Improvements And Enterprise Mobility Options

05 Apr

TechWeekEurope UK: Windows 8.1 Update Adds Mouse And Keyboard Improvements And Enterprise Mobility Options.


Save your data forever – The M-DISC™

12 Oct


As technology rapidly advances, we’re living longer, doing more, creating more memories and recording more data. Every scrapbooker, business owner, photographer, every person fears losing the legacy they have spent their lifetime creating. M-DISC™ eliminates that fear. Once written, your documents, medical records, photos, videos and data will last up to 1,000 years. “Just M-Disc™ and Forget It!”



M-DISC™ is the only data storage solution to withstand rigorous testing by the U.S. Department of Defense. Even today’s leading archival optical discs weren’t up to the challenge. M-DISC™ is resistant to extreme conditions of light, temperature, Read the rest of this entry »


Linux Kernel MTRR Trim problems

13 Mar

I recently came across an interesting problem with a newly purchased set of servers. These were HP DL165 G7, very nice 1U machines with dual sockets and capable of good RAM expansion. Once the OS (64 Bit CentOS) was booted it couldn’t see the full 16GB of installed memory. The memory being reported was only 3011MB, 3GB approx.

On closer examination it was established that the dmesg log had a indicated a potential problem, the message suggested that some of the memory, although detected by the kernel was “trimmed” and the box was left with 3GB to run.

The problem was fixed by enabling the kernel argument “disable_mtrr_trim”.

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High Performance Python

08 Mar

Here is a very interesting lecture about high performance, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did…


Microchip’s Free MPLAB® XC32++ Compiler

16 Nov

The Free version of the MPLAB XC32++ Compiler is available for download now at . 

It has no time or memory limits, and can be used in commercial applications.  With the Free MPLAB XC32++, Microchip is offering a completely free C/C++ compiler solution with unlimited code generation,” said Derek Carlson, Microchip’s vice president of Development Tools.  “Our optimizing C++ compiler includes the industry-recognized Dinkumware libraries.  This combination is ideal for a broad range of applications, from the industrial to the academic environments.”

The featured offered include:

  • Compliant with the majority of C++98 and C++2003 ANSI standards
  • Includes Dinkumware standard C, C++, and template libraries
  • Can be used with all C++ or mixed C/C++ projects in MPLAB® XC32
  • All Microchip C language extensions are available for use



The case of the missing Index

15 Nov



Just wanted to share this very well written article from RedGate, mainly of interest to those who manage & administer databases.

Enjoy !


Hans Camenzind, Father of the NE555, Dies at the Age of 78

07 Sep

Last month one of the unsung heroes of electronics has passed away. Hans Camenzind, father of one of the most famous integrated circuit of all times, the Signetics timer NE555, timed out at the age of 78. Being a gifted analog designer, Swiss-born Monsieur Camenzind is also credited to be the father of class-D amplifiers and he has introduced the concept of the Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) in ICs. During his rather productive career he designed over 140 ICs, wrote several books and many articles and his name is attached to some twenty patents.

When a famous artists dies you will hear his or her greatest hits on every radio or see his or her best films on every TV channel. Therefore, as a tribute to one of the great electronics inventors of our century we will play here Hans Camenzind’s most successful composition: NE555 in bipolar.