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Intel Core i7

23 Nov
Intel Core i7 Logo

Intel Core i7 Logo

Intel has come up with a promising new core design that does a few very innovative things. It is the fastest desktop x86 processor available today. It has made this feat possible via the following.

1.   It eliminates the notorious FSB (front side bus) and the bottlenecks caused by it.
2.   It makes use of three channel DDR3 RAM, the memory controller is on the processor die.

3.   The cores are intelligently over-clockable by upto 400MHz. So the performance hungry applications can get extra CPU cycles when needed the most.
4. Ensures greener computing by switching off idle cores when they are idle. Read the rest of this entry »


Twisted – The Ideal Internet Server Engine

27 Jul
Twisted Matrix Logo

Twisted Matrix Logo

If you need to create an internet server, be it an email server, dns server, web server, chat server or a web 2.0 server: You should consider using the Twisted framework. The Twisted framework is written entirely in Python and is very easy to program. It makes use of event driven network programming to provide excellent scalability and performance. Any one who is familiar with programming the Python programming language can effortlessly make use of the Twisted Framework. Read the rest of this entry »