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Does my processor support virtualization?

10 Oct

I was looking around for a comprehensive list or table that would tell what models of a certain processor support virtualization technology (VT) and I found this very nice interactive page on Intel’s website. Ofcourse it lists only the Intel processors. The link is given below.

This is how it works, you just select the processor family at the left of the page and you will be shown a table for VT support on the right. Match your processor number in the right pane and you’ll know if your processor supports VT or not. You can easily get the processor model for your computer from ‘My Computer’ properties on Microsoft Windows or using the ‘cat /proc/cpuinfo’ command on Linux.


Intel Core i7

23 Nov
Intel Core i7 Logo

Intel Core i7 Logo

Intel has come up with a promising new core design that does a few very innovative things. It is the fastest desktop x86 processor available today. It has made this feat possible via the following.

1.   It eliminates the notorious FSB (front side bus) and the bottlenecks caused by it.
2.   It makes use of three channel DDR3 RAM, the memory controller is on the processor die.

3.   The cores are intelligently over-clockable by upto 400MHz. So the performance hungry applications can get extra CPU cycles when needed the most.
4. Ensures greener computing by switching off idle cores when they are idle. Read the rest of this entry »


Hifn 5NP4G Network Processor

07 Sep

We are all quite choosey when it comes to buying a PC or a Laptop.. Did you ever think what powers your router or wireless access point? I remember being stunned to find out what powered my trusted CISCO 2500 series router 🙂 It was a Motorola 68030 CISC processor. Far behind the state of the art processors that were available at the time the 2500 was created. But, to be fair, routing devices don’t really need super computing performance when it comes to the central processor. Recently, we have been seeing some brave architectural innovations featuring ASICs and Network processors & co-processors.

Hifn have created a first of its kind Network Processor 5NP4G. The 5NP4G is a programmable network processor optimized for packet processing at speeds up to OC-48. The 5NP4G implements copper  interconnect technology and integrates a switching engine, search engine, frame processors, and multiplexed MACS. Designed to satisfy enterprise, core, edge networking, and Internet service requirements at wire speed, the 5NP4G network processor can deliver complex functions, such as (QoS), scheduling, flow control, and differentiated services.

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